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Our Newsroom keeps you informed of the latest developments at the surgery with additional live feeds from various news sources. You can also check-out our live Facebook feed below:

Safe & Sound Grant

For peace of mind with a Safe & Sound Grant. To qualify for assistance, applicants must be over 60 or disabled, a home owner or private sector tenant/ Housing Association tenant. To apply ring or email:

Est Riding Council Grants flier


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GPs are facing high demand and we are always looking to provide patients with the service most appropriate to their needs and associated timescale. Please consult our "Choose the best service" section on this web page to consider options. For medical emergencies, call 999. When the surgery is closed, please call 111. The NHS 111 service is available on-line and  by telephone for assessment and advice at any time.  If you call the practice, for an appointment with a GP, we will try facilitate this according to clinical priority and where appropriate, we may suggest other services. Many minor ailments can be seen by a pharmacist.


In recent months we have seen a rise in the numbers of patients attending and being admitted to our hospitals with Covid.

As part of the national policy of living with Covid, and in line with recent NHS guidelines, from October 2022, the requirement to wear a masks on practice premises is reinstated.

This also applies more widely to the NHS in all clinic, ward and outpatient areas where mask wearing has been re-introduced. Visitors will be instructed to wear a mask on entry to a ward or clinic.

Where patients experience delays in getting an appointment following referral, or are waiting for follow-up after a hospital appointment, please contact the hospital appointment line, or consultant's secretary for further information. 

Please do not come to the surgery if you have covid-19 symptoms.  Please click the button below for further information about what to do if you have or might have COVID-19.




When stroke strikes Act FAST - call 999.

A stroke is a medical emergency. ACT FAST. Dial 999.
Face Arms Speech Time
FACE - has their face fallen on one side? Can they smile?
ARMS - can they raise both arms and keep them there?
SPEECH - is their speech slurred?
TIME - even if you are not sure - call 999.

About stroke
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