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As the country takes cautious steps out of lockdown, in order to help prevent a large resurgence in cases, please follow the latest government guidelines


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The NHS is here for you

It can be hard to know what to do if you are unwell. Its still important to get medical help if you need it. There are ways to get medical help and prescriptions online or over the phone. If you think that you have symptoms of coronavirus and need medical advice, call the NHS111 online coronavirus service

Using NHS services  during coronavirus>>>>>

Do not come to the surgery of you have symptoms of coronavirus.  If you need to see a GP please contact the surgery on 01430 430318. Online consultations are available 24/7 with responses the next working day. When the surgery is closed, ring 111. In case of medical emergency dial 999. For minor ailments, your local pharmacist can offer advice and treatments. Our website contains many sources of advice and information - including information on self care,

Suspected Covid-19

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This leaflet is for patients with suspected coronavirus who have not been admitted to hospital and will be isolating at home.


“If I die, it will be your fault” is just one of the abusive comments heard by GP
reception staff at the practice, as a new survey launched today shows 75% of staff across the
country experience daily abuse from patients.

A new campaign video, launched by the Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) aims to help end all abuse towards general practice staff. The video includes real-life examples of patient interactions from practices across the UK, including:
GP staff whose tyres were slashed by a patient who had not been able to get an appointment that day;
A receptionist with Chinese heritage, who received racist abuse and was spat on in relation to the Covid-19 virus;
Daily verbal threats including the common phrase: “If I die, it will be your fault”.

Recent research shows the majority of practice staff (78%) have faced threatening behaviour, racist or sexist abuse from patients, and 83% reporting having called the police for help.

As demand for services at the practice has increased dramatically over the last year, sadly so has the amount of abuse our practice staff have faced.

We’re taking part in this national campaign to highlight the good work practices like ours are doing, and make a plea to the public to be patient with our staff, instead of attacking them. We’ve worked throughout the pandemic and have done our absolute best to support patients. We’re calling for the abuse to end now.

The survey of 571 GP practice managers showed that 83% have had to remove a patient from the surgery due to multiple incidents towards their team. Other recent research from an NHS Staff Survey showed that 14.9% of respondents had been subjected to physical violence while in work.  

Much abuse goes unreported and national annual data on physical assaults against NHS staff are no longer published. The ‘If I die it will be your fault’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the zero-tolerance approach to abuse and encourage all practice staff to feel confident about reporting incidents.



New mental health and wellbeing online learning platform to tackle lockdown struggles

Due to Coronavirus and social distancing rules in the UK, many face-to-face wellbeing groups have been stepped down temporarily. The Humber Recovery and Wellbeing College are pleased to introduce a new and improved online offering to bridge the gap as we work towards a ‘new normal’.

Recovery and Wellbeing Colleges take an educational approach to mental health, as opposed to the more traditional medical management. The aim of their services is to facilitate a range of free, informal and welcoming courses that support people in maintaining good mental and psychical health.

The new website is free to use and anyone can sign up for access to a series of courses and virtual sessions available 24/7, with the aim to support an individual’s mental health and wellbeing. These sessions include topics such as Stress Awareness, Resilience, Sleep Hygiene, Exploring Identity and Medication Management.

The website also includes the launch of a “Let’s Chat” series which has been co-produced with people who have lived experience with mental health. The aim of this series is to break down stigma and open up conversations, to facilitate additional support for those who may need it.

Students can track their wellbeing on the platform and useful signposting links are available, which point individuals to both local and national services should they require further support.


Covid-19 Vaccine

Howden Medical Centre is taking part in the delivery of COVID Vaccinations along with other practices in our Primary Care Network.

We advise patients that Howden Medical Centre will no longer be offering 1st dose COVID Vaccinations due to extremely low uptake over the last few 1st dose clinics. 

The vaccines come in vials of multiple doses, once a vial is opened it can only be used for 6 hours, the vaccines have a short shelf life and can only be delivered in large quantities.  The extremely low uptake of appointments in our clinics means it is no longer viable for us to deliver a 1st Dose Service.

We advise all patients still requiring a 1st dose COVID Vaccination to book either by calling 119 or online via the NHS  website.

We will still be delivering 2nd doses for those patients who have had a 1st dose with us.

If you are unable to make the dates and times that we are running clinics at Howden Medical Centre for your 2nd vaccination, you can contact 119 and you may be able to get an appointment at another
vaccination centre at a convenient time to you.

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 As lockdown is eased in the UK, the risk of infection remains high. Please follow  government guidelines

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