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Repeat Prescriptions

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Repeat prescriptions are those items that are listed on your medical record that the doctor has authorised may be repeated up to the number of times specified. Thereafter, the repeat prescription items may be re-authorised if appropriate. Items are in any case reviewed at least once per year even if you are under the care of a hospital


Patients can register for Systmonline. Once registered you can book appointments and order prescriptions via the internet and you can also now request access to your detailed coded clinical record.

To do this please ask at reception and bring a form of ID with you so that we can verify your identity. You can download the registration form from our website but must bring this to the surgery with a form of ID as listed on the bottom of the registration form. You will be given a username and password for the online service. Once registered please click on the link below.


In person at our reception

Patients that are on repeat prescription are asked to use the re-order slip and place in the box provided in reception. Please allow 2 working days before you collect your prescription from the medical centre. To collect your prescription from your preferred chemist., please allow a further two working days for the pharmacist to dispense your medicines safely.


By post using the repeat counterfoil

By using the tear-off slip from your previous prescription, simply tick the items that you again require. Allow 5 working days from sending. We cannot be responsible for any delay in requests reaching us. If you wish us to post the prescription back to you, please enclose a self-addressed envelope.

By Telephone

Telephone requests can be made by dialling 01430 430318 and leaving your request on the Medical Centre's 24-hour automated telephone line. Please listen and follow the instructions given carefully. Please speak clearly and have your medication list to hand

By email

You are able to email us your repeat  prescription request to:

EMAIL prescription request

Acute Prescriptions

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To order: Call 01430 430318 from 9am. 

One-off prescriptions which are not regularly repeated are known as acute prescriptions.

You can ask your pharmacist for advice on minor ailments - and if appropriate, youy may be able to buy medicines over the counter without having to see a doctor. NHS 111 is available 24/7 to give advice or by telephone on-line.

If you feel it is more appropriate to see a doctor or if the pharmacist recommends a GP appointment, your doctor may prescribe or refer you to another health professional. A prescription is not always appropriate for a patient's needs.

If you are sure that your medical problem is minor, the doctor may issue a prescription following a telephone request to our receptionist. In certain circumstances, the doctor may telephone for more information - or invite you to the surgery for assessment.

If you telephone the surgery  for an acute prescription, our reception staff will need to know:

WHO is the prescription for?

HOW LONG have the symptoms persisted?



WHO is the prescription for?


Minor Ailments Scheme

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Do not attend at the pharmacy if you have coronavirus symptoms

Covid-19 coronavirus - Symptoms & what to do >>>>>

You can use the scheme if you are registered with a GP surgery in the Hull area. The service is confidential as pharmacists are bound by NHS confidentiality Regulations and the Data Protection Act. You should take evidence of your identity - eg NHS number.

You may still need to contact or see you GP  if the pharmacist advises this or if you need to  obtain medicatiuon that can only be issued on prescription. The service is available from participating pharmacies at the times specified by them. Details of the Minor Ailments Scheme and the conditions which can be treated can be found by clicking the link below

You may still need to contact or see you GP  if the pharmacist advises this or if you need to  obtain medication that can only be issued on prescription. The service is available from participating pharmacies at the times specified by them. Details of the Minor Ailments Scheme and the conditions which can be treated can be found by clicking the link below

The pharmacist will ask you some questions about your symptoms, any medication you are currently taking and any allergies that you may have to medicines. They will give you some advice on how best to manage your symptoms and will be able to give you medicine if you need it and advise how and when to take it.

Minor Ailments Scheme Information >>>>>>>


Help with Medicines

The information below will help with questions regarding medicines and their safe use.

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Medication Reviews

Your practice reviews medicines periodically to see whether they are still needed & whether the dose continues to be appropriate. Click below for more information on pharmacy reviews.

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Over the Counter

Many simple medices are available over the counter and do not need to be ordered on a prescription. Your pharmacist will be happy to provide important advice on basic medicines.

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Help with Costs

You could be entitled to free NHS prescriptions, if at the time your prescription is dispensed you meet certain conditions of age. condition or circumstance.   Click below for further info.

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Prepayment Certificates

If you have to pay for regular prescription items, it may be cheaper to buy a prescription Prepayment Certifcate. Click below for full information from the NHS Business Services Authority

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Adverse Reactions

On rare occasions, medicines can have an adverse effect. If you experience any such issues, please get in touch with the surgery immediately. An app is also available for reporting any adverse reactions.

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Holiday Medicines

If you are taking medicines abroad, it is advisable to check UK rules and those of the country that you are visiting. Please talk to your doctor or practice nurse at least two months before making your trip abroad

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Help with Prescription Costs

Find out if your are entitled to free NHS prescriptions. NHS dental treatment and help with other costs

Medicines A-Z

An A-Z of information on medicines.  Always be advised by your Health professional

Medicines, Vaccines & Medical Devices

Adverse Reaction ReportingYellow Card Logo of the  Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory AgencyMHRA logo

It is important that patients report adverse reactions and events in relation the medicines, vaccines or medical devices to the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. This will be key in the case of the deployment of covid-19 vaccinations. However, any reaction to any medicine that has been used for patients with covid-19 should be reported. There is also a seperate reporting tool for non-covid adverse reactions. 

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