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This is a growing directory of local services to support health and well being. Please also see our Helplines page

Local Services

Citizens Advice Logo

Citizen's Advice

Free, confidential, impartial and independent service from CAB.

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Samaritans Logo

The Samaritans 

Free from any phone.  Non-judgemental help for everyone.

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Logo Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust

Substance Misuse

Support for anyone struggling with drugs and alcohol. 

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Conifer secual and reproductive health logo

Domestic Abuse

Conifer support services for domestic abuse victims.

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Logo East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Adult Social Care

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Adult Social Care serices.

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New Dads & Dads to be

Your Health logo

Time Banking

Time banking is a way of exchanging skills and space where the currency is time instead of money. Every hour you give to help another member can be "banked" and spent on something you need yourself at a later date.



New mental health and wellbeing online learning platform to tackle lockdown struggles

The Humber Recovery and Wellbeing College are pleased to introduce a new and improved on-line service.

Recovery and Wellbeing Colleges take an educational approach to mental health, as opposed to the more traditional medical management. The aim of their services is to facilitate a range of free, informal and welcoming courses that support people in maintaining good mental and psysical health.

The new website is free to use and anyone can sign up for access to a series of courses and virtual sessions available 24/7, with the aim to support an individual’s mental health and wellbeing. These sessions include topics such as Stress Awareness, Resilience, Sleep Hygiene, Exploring Identity and Medication Management.

The website also includes the launch of a “Let’s Chat” series which has been co-produced with people who have lived experience with mental health. The aim of this series is to break down stigma and open up conversations, to facilitate additional support for those who may need it.

Students can track their wellbeing on the platform and useful signposting links are available, which point individuals to both local and national services should they require further support.

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